Make children happy and smile in a loving environment through providing shelter, protection and love under one roof..


To reach a just society where there's equality of opportunities to even orphaned and vulnerable children in all spheres including education education and equal access to a healthy life in a secure and enabling environment.


  • To provide shelter, protection, sustenance and love under one roof
  • To provide education to the children including tuition and all scholastic materials
  • To provide healthcare to the children
  • To provide leisure activities for sensitization during free time
  • To fight child sacrifice by educating the community
  • To provide a family support system and education regarding childcare to the community
  • Offer guidance and counseling

Welcome to Mupenzi Children’s Home. My name is Mbabazi Plautira and this is my story: a story of many homeless children in my country, Uganda.

I became a war refugee in Uganda at the age of 6, being supported by different orphanages. Some years later I met again with my mum, Josephine Bucyana  “Mamma Na”, but I continued living in orphanages because she was not in position to fully support me and my other siblings. Living as an orphan taught me great lessons in love and compassion. That is why at 17 years-old I began looking after children in villages, on streets and in deserted places in the Jinja area of Uganda. I welcomed four orphaned children into my 1 bedroom house and continued my outreach programs in order to focus upon children in need.

After living in Kampala with the children, I went back to Jinja where “Mamma Na” supported me caring for the children in her house. After 8 years of lovely work, we are caring for 35 children in our Home, bringing them food, education and health care under one roof.

However, their needs and our limited funds make it necessary to reach for supporters and partners. So, I am inviting you to be part of our project, to be part or our dream to give happiness and opportunities to our children.

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Our Staff & Volunteers

We have a couple of people that come to help us with the home. Some stay while others stay only for a short time.

  • Mutes Sarah Sanyu – Caretaker
  • Nakazzi Eunice – Assistant Administrator
  • Nassuna Rebecca – Treasurer
  • Nalweyiso Shifah – Secretary
  • Amina Kemba – Cook
  • Kalinaki Margaret – Nurse
  • Khaled Mohamood – Volunteer
  • Eduardo Plate – Volunteer
  • Liar Angelovic – Volunteer
  • Maria Pinzon – Volunteer