Mupenzi Children's Home

Why Should You Help Mupenzi Children’s Home ?

In 2008 more than 300 cases of murder and disappearances linked to ritual ceremonies were reported to the police with 18 cases making it to the courts. There were also several high-profile arrests of parents and relatives accused of selling children for human sacrifice. Most people engaging in these disgusting practices do so out of ignorance. Many are lead to believe they will receive wealth and success from supernatural sources in exchange for child sacrifices.

Increasing homelessness which leaves most children on streets exposes them to child sacrifice practices.Government officials have warned that perceived police inaction over the ritual murders could lead to political instability as mob justice takes over. Roland Kakooza Mutale, director of special duties in Uganda’s state house, said the ritual murders of mostly poor children were “politically frightening” and that action had to be taken.Orphans and homeless children are at greatest risk of being innocently sacrificed. Mupenzi seeks to address this by educating people in areas where these practices are common in addition to building a home to remove such vulnerable children from harm.Natural Disasters In 2010 Bududa District experienced massive flooding and mudslides, burying many families, homes and farms. Many children were left homeless and orphaned by the tragedy. Plautira has taken some of these children under the care of Mupenzi, but countless more still suffer from the effects from the destructive mudslides.Plautira and the children in Bududa – Sironko district.Human Trafficking Ugandan police are increasingly linking the sudden increase in child murder cases to organ trafficking. The anti-human trafficking taskforce said many of the bodies found in the past few months were missing organs such as kidneys, hearts and livers, a detail not consistent with many traditional ritualistic practices.In May a report released by the US State Department said Uganda had become an international hub for human trafficking and highlighted the increased trade of children in the east of the country for their body parts.War and ConflictIn the northern districts of Uganda, 30,000 children have been abducted in the past 20 years. Almost every family in the Acholi and now Langi area has been affected. Many families have lost a child through abduction, or their village was attacked and destroyed, families burned out and/or killed, and harvests destroyed by an army of abducted children known as The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). Even though the majority of the conflict with the LRA has moved into Democratic Republic of Congo, Ugandans are still struggling to recover. Many children formerly abducted and forced into the lives of premature soliders are now returning home, but finding extreme difficulty re-assimilating.

The countryside is virtually empty and people have moved into safe villages that are supposed to be protected by the government. These villages, which are in reality Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps, lack necessary resources and residents are frequently accosted by the soldiers who are supposed to be protecting them. These circumstances not only tear apart families, but affect the development and well-being of the countless children involved.

Economic FactorsChildren are frequently abandoned by parents who cannot afford to care for them. Family planning methods are not commonly practiced in Uganda, a country that has the second highest birth rate in the world. Although the Ugandan government has established Universal Education to provide free primary and secondary education, families are still expected to pay fees in order to feed children at school. Some children live in boarding schools and work for food and boarding in addition to attending classes.                           Matthew Watson( USA) and Plautira Plus other helping mothers of Mupenzi sharing a moment with the children.”Visiting the children in schools to identify their needs made me so emotional, most of them would just smile seeing me around even if it wouldn’t change anything for them. To them it was a whole new world” – PlautiraHIV/AIDSThousands of children have been orphaned by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Although the rate of transmission from mother to infant has virtually vanished, the majority of orphans in Uganda lost their parents to the virus. Often, young children are left in the care of elderly grandparents who struggle to support themselves, their children, and young grandchildren. More information about the HIV/AIDS situation in Uganda can be found at the UNAIDS Uganda site.

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An amazing lady

Hebrews 1:14: “Are they not all ministering spirits sent forth to  minister for those who will inherit salvation? God sends angels “to serve those who will receive salvation.”

The Bible also explains how those who are saved have guardian angels,  angels sent to protect us and be a help when necessary.

Let me introduce you to an angel who was sent to Earth to protect the children of Uganda.

Miss Mbabazi Plautira born July 17, 1988 , is an orphan whose education and welfare was taken care of by orphanages. Aids Orphans Education Trust (AOET) and Children of Grace (COG) Jinja, Uganda supported Miss Plautira through her entire education up to the time she got to University level.  She was mentoring 4 orphans at the age of 17 years of age!  She did not let her status as an orphan stop her from helping these children. Miss Plautira  is an angel who cares about preserving the dignity of young people. Plautira understands that life’s happiness does not come easily. She is the type person who sincerely believes that children deserve better no matter what circumstances they face.

Miss Plautira is determined to helping children in Uganda achieve their dreams. She knew it would be difficult forming and managing an orphanage. She also know it would be difficult to mentor kids at the tender age of 17 years old. She did not let this adversity stop her.  even With a minimum paying job, not only did she mentor the  4 children, but this angel continued to visit vulnerable children and give them whatever resources she could afford. She rented a room which exposed some 30 children to an education. . She worked as a library assistant and her allowances and salary went to paying the teacher as well as looking out for  the welfare of all the orphans. She initiated outreach programs in which she meets many orphans in different districts of Uganda. This angel has met many homeless children and she continues to help them within the community setting. She feels that there is need to put them to a decent home, to give them proper education and a decent living.

She can’t do it alone, and she has had the help of other angels who have donated money, clothes, toys, and most important their time. You can help too! You can help this angel continue her mission here on Earth so you can bring a little slice of Heaven to the children of Uganda. Do not think that your gifts are too small or will not help. Helping one child, is one less child that has to worry about adult problems at children ages. Let’s all help in anyway that we can to ensure that Plautira can spread her wings and shield the children from Uganda from the hurt of society.

“Each of us must work for our own improvement and at the same time share a general responsibility for all humanity, our particular duty being to aid those to whom we think we can be most useful”

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When Smiling Brings You Joy

Why are the children so happy? They don’t have on the latest fashions. They don’t have Iphones or they latest gadgets nor do they have the latest toys that floods our television screens. Why are they so happy? They don’t have modern schools with central air and computers. They don’t have healthcare plans or the healthiest foods to splurge like we do in the West. Would you believe these smiles belong to residents of an orphanage?

A wise woman by the name of Ellah Stellar Kayla Nalongo once said ,” sometimes your joy is the source of your smile,  but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy. You’ll find that life is still worthwhile if you just smile, and smiles come from within. ” During the slavery era in the United States, one ploy the slaves used was to smile in the face of tragedy. When you smile it makes you feel better and it makes those around you do the same. The individuals who operate the Mupenzi Children’s Home in Uganda are a big reason why these children can smile. They work tirelessly to ensure these beautiful children have a reason to smile no matter what they have or what they are lacking.

Would you like to know more on their efforts?  Maybe you would like to help make these children smile. They’re on Facebook and you can interact with the amazing individuals on the front lines making these angels smile. Search Mupenzi on Facebook and you’ll find two pages you can like and learn more about the amazing work going on in Uganda.  You can also visit their website at . Share the word,  make a donation, or stop by and say hello on Facebook. And remember, no one can stop you from smiling.

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I Too Beleive That Children Are Our Future

A high quality education is a fundamental right that every child should receive regardless of their circumstance or walk in life.  When we fail to invest in or children, we fail society. Children are a long term investment who have the capability of ending wars, curing diseases,  soaring the stars, and leading society into eras of prosperity. The break down of society starts with the lack od educational opportunities which often leads to despair and poverty.  When we invest in our children’s education, we are saying yes to a bright future. We are saying yes to a chance of peace. We are saying yes to fixing the broken wings of our most precious angels so they can soar to heights above their current standing.  A well educated populace is more powerful than any army, and will not tolerate the atrocities that occur in the world today.

This is what I want you to do. I want you to visit the website of the Mupenzi Children’s Home at I want you to visit the site and explore. After you explore, I want you to hit the donate button and donate to these children’s education. The children you see in these blogs and on the websites are the actual students you are helping. You can also visit with some of the volunteers on Facebook by clicking After you donate, I want you to follow the instructions given in Joel 1:3 and “tell your children of I, and let your children tell their children, and tell their children another generation.” Start a tradition of given in which we truly act as a village all working together to educate and take care of our children.

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