I Too Beleive That Children Are Our Future

A high quality education is a fundamental right that every child should receive regardless of their circumstance or walk in life.  When we fail to invest in or children, we fail society. Children are a long term investment who have the capability of ending wars, curing diseases,  soaring the stars, and leading society into eras of prosperity. The break down of society starts with the lack od educational opportunities which often leads to despair and poverty.  When we invest in our children’s education, we are saying yes to a bright future. We are saying yes to a chance of peace. We are saying yes to fixing the broken wings of our most precious angels so they can soar to heights above their current standing.  A well educated populace is more powerful than any army, and will not tolerate the atrocities that occur in the world today.

This is what I want you to do. I want you to visit the website of the Mupenzi Children’s Home at I want you to visit the site and explore. After you explore, I want you to hit the donate button and donate to these children’s education. The children you see in these blogs and on the websites are the actual students you are helping. You can also visit with some of the volunteers on Facebook by clicking After you donate, I want you to follow the instructions given in Joel 1:3 and “tell your children of I, and let your children tell their children, and tell their children another generation.” Start a tradition of given in which we truly act as a village all working together to educate and take care of our children.

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